How To List Multiple Jobs With The Same Description

List your duties under each but be specific and use different action words to describe your duties. Read through job descriptions from different companies for ideas on various ways to describe your responsibilities.

Writing Job Descriptions

You can also visit a major online job search website and search for your job title.

How to list multiple jobs with the same description. The other thing you may want to remember is that you dont have to group multiple titles under companies. In this instance the company name for both position listings would be the same. If in another you listed that you increased sales include how much and within what time frame.

You can lead with job titles on a resume and add company names underneath. Prepare a more traditional chronological resume that lists your jobs in order beginning with the most recent. For example for each of your jobs one of your duties may have been to oversee the customer service desk.

Is there a preferred method. Try to limit your usage of the separate listing option to promotions that involved a major change in job duties or focus or if you were away from the company for a time. Multiple positions same company separate listings.

The benefit of stacking multiple job titles under the umbrella of a company name is to save space on your resume. If you indicated that you managed a team in one position include the number of employees. By quantifying your resume you not only make it more interesting to a recruiter.

Jot down each point and then develop the basis for a job description. Sit down and one by one re envision what you did all day in each job. On my resume i would list it as being at one company with multiple jobs underneath but on linkein i typically see people listing all of their jobs even if they were at the same company as separate.

Do you have thoughts on how this differs on linkein.


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